FAKE NEWS Somalia back at it again 41 yr old marries 15 yr old

Fellas if your homeboy pisses you off just marry his mom and make him call you Aabo.

Ladies if your man cheats on you, marry his dad and make him call you Hooyo.


his dad is xaraam to you and so is her mum, her grandmother, his grandfather as they are considered automatic muhram even when dead or spouse has divorced

the Quran has made clear of who you can and cannot marry, his parents/her parents and grandmothers are forever 100% muhram so are his or her aunts, uncles, of first degree and naturally by extension great grandparents and great uncles/aunts and siblings of her or his grandparents, great grand parents

you can also only marry her first cousin or her aunt or her sister only if she has passed away and 1005 not allowed as a second wife if she is alive its a no no, its designed to stop any beef amongst the family, aunts as in her mothers cousins and Allah knows best

you cannot marry your step daughter if she lives or has lived with you,

a dumaal is carried out through the man;s brother, uncle or cousins, from his dad side, never from the abti side as the relationship is considered to strong with an abti - this is more culture rather than islam,

but if your friend pisses you, marry his mum and smile when he comes home



Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
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Im 100% sure their ages is made up theres somali guys who have taken a picture next to their mom or relative than someone posts about it and takes it out of context


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