Somalia And Somaliland In a Fresh Battle over the Airspace controll again after SL aviation Minister proclaims Mogadishu have no authority over their


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Since The paper state government of Mogadishu completely took over the Somalia's air controll back from Kenya and the UN, the powerless North Western state of Somalia Somaliland was subject to countless of interference from Mogadishu.

FGS has countless of time give go ahead to many airline companys such as Israel and Qatar Airways to fly over the desert state without sharing any of the revenues with SL and PL as well.

The gready 1 KM square Warlord of Mogadishu Farmaajo has been pocketing the money the airspace is generating for years and even failed to release and share the revenue documents with the public

In 2018, the Amison state has estimated that the revenue would be about 7 million dollars a year, a quarter of this money can do much for Somaliland, the defacto state has been low on cash lateley and is very desperate to pay it's soldiers and government workers.

One could say SL is going through financial and social economical hardship after the triangle state sold off it's only port to Ethiopia and UAE and revoked/replaced the local owned airline companies with UAE owned once.

I hope the the two sides scountries have failed to agree on the control of airspace and resolve the issue by splitting the revenue with all the 6 FMS states.

Somaliland Oo Beenisay In Hawadeeda Laga Maamulo Muqdisho
Tuesday August 17, 2021 - 13:40:50

Somaliland Oo Beenisay In Hawadeeda Laga Maamulo Muqdisho

Hargaysa (HWN) Maareeyaha Hay’adda Madaarada Somaliland Cumar Cabdilaahi Aadan (Cumar-Sayid) ayaa sheegay in Somaliya doonayso inay hawada Somaliland la wareegaan.

Waxaanu intaasi kudaray in ayna hada Somaliya maamulin Hadawada Somaliland, isagoo ku hanjabay in haddii Somaliya isku daydo inay fara galiso hawada Somaliland ay talaabooyin adag ay qaadi doonaan "Qoladaa Somaliya waxay doonayaan in ay Hawadeena jujuub ku qaataan laakiin ma jirto hawo ay inaga maamulaan oo diyaaradna inagama joojin karaan inoomana soo fasaxi karaan, Anaguna waxaanu wali ilaalinaynaan in aanan car qaladayn wadahadaladii Jabuuti ee Somaliland iyo Somaliya balse waxaa noo diyaarsan in aanu qaadno talaabooyin adag hadii laga maarmi waayo"

Waxaa jiray diyaarado ay Dawlada Somaliya Hawada Somaliland ka celisay, Diyaaradahaasi oo doonayay inay ka degaan Garoonka Hargaysa.

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@Manafesto is correct FGS share of airspace revenue of the FGS must be split between the 5 FMS. 5 FMS not 6.

The northern share of airspace revenue goes to JSL, the only functioning democratic government in Somaliweyn, the first born among the 5 Somaliweyn states

JSL represents the northern region of the SomaaliRepublic. FGS is the successor the the southern region of Somali Republic. Once a functioning FGS countrols the south, then FGS and JSL can reunite the South and North. Northern airspace/revenue should then be combined with Southern/FGS airspace/revenue


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No, His Honour President Farmaajo will continue to hold that money, SLers must pay for their xildhibaans and officials this is simply unoffical tax collection :mjdontkno: