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Somalia accepts to repatriate the SEXUAL *****IST Xaliimos (sperm buckets) refused by Europe

Nice try. But I give it a 2/10. Abortion rights are nowhere near the travesty of what I described. I always saw Somali women with an impossible amount of kids, but I never put two and two together my own family being small.

Guess what, I live among religious fundie Christians, and I’ve never seen anything like that. A prof in a science course even creatively used them to explain action potential recruitment in a muscle fiber (by explaining one cell reaching threshold by firing multiple times is summation, and multiple cells firing to threshold being recruitment, likening them to a mother with multiple children in the same age range going, “mom, mom, mom”, one setting her off by repeatedly going off being summation, and the multiples going off being recruitment).

The conditions of Somali women in childbirth overseas and the kind of birthing competitions they have to keep and appease men who don’t stay, and children whom they watch die, or whom die themselves bc of what’s been done to them, and to watch the same thing happen here in a Western country with the ridiculous lack of spacing she’s undergone, with a husband who was nowhere to be seen. Now that is absolutely disgusting “business”.

I will take America, thank you.

I'm not excusing it, just explaining. The obsession with having a lot of kids isn't synonymous to Somalis, but is a trait common in people from 3rd-world nations. To compare Somali fobs to citizens in America, the richest and most powerful nation on earth, is absurd. If anything, the backwardness of the average American is embarrassing when compared to other rich nations.

If Somalia ever gets its act together and starts to develop its economy, you will see birthrates plummet. Low birth-rates is a side-effect of economic stability and growth, not a cause.
22 of these chicks who were born in. Europe who are now in the Levant (Syria and Iraq) are been allowed into Somalia.

These 22 young women had 111 kids amongst them. In other words they weee truly a sperm bucket.
There are some politicians who's chikdren are amongst the *****is. So they'll force their hand to make sure their kids comes back home.

I would bring them back home and behead them on the roof of villa Somalia with an axe. The kids will be trained as assassins for my personal uses
Don't think it's a good idea. 1. This will encourage single motherhood. 2. The very religious will react very badly 3. Somalia isn't in the financial situation to aid others or that their family is going help them. Would hard for them to remarry ?
Encourage Somali motherhood?

Single motherhood is already rife in Somalia. No offense, but that is a very dumb point. No woman is going to look at a psychologically damaged *****i bride and want to emulate that.