Somali women are Size Queens?

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the world has changed. guys are shamed for being average these days.
masculinity is tied to ur cock says, not my personal belief, but it's true. kind of like women are insecure about their looks, even if they aren't ugly.
why else do 99% of women put on make up? To make themselves look better.
cmon now, we have all watched **** at some point in our lives. unless ur telling me u haven't even stopped yet?
teach me how to use the spoiler walaal.
Mostly to enhance their features or cover up skin imperfections. Women are definitely judged by our looks, I don't think the world has changed at all. Not to be harsh, but if you're actually "ugly" makeup doesn't help, or can even make you look worse, and that's when ppl take more drastic measures.

The spoiler feature is under the "+" category in between the old-timey save disk and media URL feature.

I don't think **** is that big a deal unless you're addicted to it or misuse as if it it's an educational avenue, I've said before on here that I don't think it's threatening or upsetting if a guy I'm dating watches ****, and I watch it without consistency, but then I have an active imagination. I'm ****-neutral.


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here is the world most view categories in ****hub. Somali fobs like to watch BBW ****.
what a fucking shame****hub-insights-2016-year-review-most-viewed-categories-map.png
BBW yummy, me be like retardedly

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