Somali who wear Durag..

It's a fad just like any clothing item. You probably wouldn't see your dad wearing hawaiian shirts in present time but he probably would have been rocking it 30-40 years ago
It's a clothing item. If Somalis had access to the internet and SSpot in 1910, they would have probably posted, "What do you think of Somalis wearing suits?" with comments like "coons" and "they look like women!!"

Get with the times.


Ils veulent pas la paix…
I started wearing when I started regularly using hair oils and leave-in conditioners. After I shower, I will put the products in and tie it up while do I some errands/chores/work.

Then I’ll take it off and comb my hair. Even my Hindi friend started doing it when he realised how effective it is in keeping products seeped in.

I seldom wear it outside the house unless I’m going to someone’s house and I haven’t had time to shower.


👽I Identify as an Extraterrestrial Geeljire 👽
very sexy. faraxs look good in it



👽I Identify as an Extraterrestrial Geeljire 👽
The du-rag also known as doo-rag
was meant for homies with bidaar, and reer timo-adeeg .
Thanks to ma non-balding "Cushitic" wavy/curly hair , I never had to wear that cimaamad.



Ils veulent pas la paix…
You need to be send to a geeljire bootcamp

Bro it’s all about taking care of your hair. Even my Arab and Hindi friends do it now because of the benefits.

Any male hair type can use it, the waves are just an optional side effect. I generally just comb into a flat top after.

I’ve shown my hair type on here, I’m timo jileec until I grow it out.

El Nino

War illeen balaayo
Would wear one but for the life of me I can’t tie it:mjcry: growing my hair out the at the moment, durag would hide my bummy hair until I have enough hair
I only wear it at home and aabo gave me hell for it till he eventually gave up. Never outside tho dont need habaryars calling me xaawaley :kendrickcry: