Somali traditions

It's just similar to taking a loan and then you have to pay it back..

For example let's say, you are 10 people and each of you have to pay 300-500 dollars, you receive the money upfront and spend it all then you are stuck with this fee for 10 months.. Now if your income changes you are screwed, you get the point now or?
i thought ayyuto evrybody paid the same amount
I mean ayuuto fees varies depending on what you agree on, some are small and some are higher it all depends on what people agree to.

10 people
Fee 100-200 dollars

12 people

I guess it also depends on what country you are in.. In the Nordic countries women are using child support/benefits on ayuuto, this means they are not able to use this money or can't afford taking their kids to vacation etc, due to tight budget.
Fanatic tribalism. Hating someone solely because of his tribe or not marrying someone because they're not from your tribe/sub-tribe.