Somali Tiktokers? she made 100k usd in one night.

If you are a man- why do you care how another man spends his money? Some of you dudes are either broke and angry you are priced out of the marriage market, or jealous homosexuals.
How much are you getting on Tiktok gifts since you're taking this very personally? :win:


100k in one night on tik tok…that seems exaggerated…
Most of it is taxed by the government and tik tok takes a significant amount for themselves so realistically if you make like 100k from a tik tok live game you take home like 40/50k

Some of that money also goes towards the next big games pool of funds.

Somalis are really milking this tik tok ATM machine
it worst than I thought. most of these money is going to tiktok. Another guy from
khatumo just got 4million gifts from his fellow clansmen. He beated a guy who said he represents Hirshabelle. thats is 61k usd but he will only cash in 20k. he still made a good money in 10 minutes, 66% goes in to tiktok company. these money is collected by somalis who could have done better by collecting it to the drought affected pple back home.