Somali Tiktokers doing crazy shit on live for money

Fobs are so cringe. Sadly mobiles are very easily accessible to the uneducated attention seeking zomalians who cream themselves when ajnabi slightly acknowledges them. Fobs have a crazy boner for outsiders
That's how you know TikTok is owned by China coz this is some shit you would find on Chinese social media platforms where you have these two hot girls that just stare at their phone screens while their loyal simps are paying money so they can compete to see who has the most fans. lol


Live it to the fullest
This is bad , I don't own an account there , but I could larp as an Arab and exploit the immense fortune from the fobs , all I need to get is a Koofiyad , Cimaamad and Qamiis , Sunglasses.

Any Middle Eastern SSPOTTERS wanna join with me on this campaign.
Okay it's about time you teach me some Caamiyah or Khaleeji dialects.

Let's see how many roses and gifts we can easily capitalise.

On a serious note , Somalis should get their ISP severed.
And forgot about what I scribbled above. I was trying to ease my anger without punching my phone screen , the more I write the more I get viciously violent so let me get to another thread to clear my mind.

This is outrageous tbh


LOVE is a product of Doqoniimo mixed with lust
Let Them Eat Cake
since Tiktok introduced gifts and the game, they have gone wild and starting crazy shit.
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they have finally figured out how to make money from Somalis.

and they are not using drugs. Just sit down and imagine if they were on drugs???