Somali National Hero. Founder Of Somali Tanks. LoL

I have to call my brother @Abdalla cause he is the only puntite that loves to see what happening in the 'cutting edge military industry' of Somalia.

Abdalla is negiotating for a big batch of these babies for PL defence force. Just look at him Abdallah 'wuu ku dhex jira' as he tanking around the town

:lawd: :damn::krs::denzelnigga:

These HG boys just don't give up abdalla. They also created the first somali made jet fighter remember as it was trying to launch from a run-way but couldn't lift off as he smiled to the 'camera' and said 'abdallah galmudug is great again' lol b
In all honesty he did a great job I give him credit. The tank is actually moving thru a motor and not being 'pulled by an abgaal dameer' so he does have a conceptual understanding of how motor works and he could kick-start a mechanical industry to emerge where he designs Somali needed products as proto-types like the tank and asks for investors to get him the 'real parts' to do the tank. Good on you boys @Mckenzie @Galmudug-State.

All inventions start as a small prototype to show-case to the public and give investors confidence to invest. The kid has a mechanical brain and knows how to put parts together and make it achieve a 'task' in this case it's a tank in the future it could lead to other mechanical products since he knows the concept of how motor and parts work together.

This coud lead to 'mechanical' age developing in Somalia and our people no longer doing things thru 'manual' method. The horizon could lead to things like 'tractors' and 'vehicles' or other motorized equipments to industralize Somalia and remove it from the primitive 3rd world age of 'Manual based economy''.

Guul Galmudug. I hope PL has a 'yearly' STEM summit of puntites who are doing ''prototyping' of medicine, science, technology or engineering and we can bring together investors and our locals and they can start a 'funding' venture
This is why I love being Somali.

We have geniuses dotted all around the country. If only they were able to go to University to study; we would literally be an insane superpower in Africa. Currently the country is in economic ruin, extreme threats to life is normal and no basic necessities and this man builds a somewhat functional tank with subpar tools in his back garden.

I will not except nothing less than Greater Somalia.
The only successful proto-types to be made in Somalia was this 'tank' as it actually does 'move' and only requires the investors to come along and fund the 'parts' needed for a real tank. The 'air' prototypes seen in hargeisa and cadaado or a helicopter and jet fighter is a 'damn loss' that u must wear. U didn't prove that it can 'fly' and the hargeisa one didn't even prove it had 'motor knowledge' as it was being dragged thru the 'street' showing no knowledge behind how mechanized parts and motors work together to achieve 'motion'.

I urge the Isaaq boys to go teach your locals the concept behind 'motion' because if your 'dragging' the damn helicopter thru the street it means it has no 'mechanized motion' and hence the energy is being transferred to 'dameer, camel, etc' to 'carry that payload which is 'primitive'. Infact u guys used some sort of car to carry the payload of 'helicopter' as u can see how it's being 'dragged' here thru the street

The world has known how to carry payloads thru animals like charriots, wheel since the ancient egyptian times waryaa. This is a huge loss for you boys and no-one would fund your helicopter engineer as he has shown no conceptual knowledge not only in a lack of 'motor or mechanical engineering' but also he didn't achieve the task of helicopter which is 'flight'. At least this GM boy set out his 'prototype plan' of a motorized tank and 'delivered'. He would be more invested into then that shit fest helicopter engineering department in SL.


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