Somali names database turned into a functional app/webapp?

A while ago, I stumbled across (this thread: Database of Somali names boys & girls) that has accumulated quite a list of pure Somalia names and, I thought of making a useable web app and collecting these names along with others from different sources, presented in a very simple to use UI.

This would be helpful for anyone in future looking into having kids find a pure Somali name in a well-organized place.

However, there's one roadblock I could think of right now and, it's for a crucial feature for such a platform. I doubt that any stats are collected and stored on names given to newborn babies back home - therefore, conducting name popularity and providing insight on where names are more common can't be implemented. Unfortunately, no ranking of names by some metric such as its usage cross country.

Would an easy to use search functionality and user sourced data about the origin of these names, their meaning and where they are most popular be an alternative? As a user, you'd be provided with a profile along with acknowledgement for your contributions should they be deemed valid by the majority or maybe a select few committees that oversee things to reduce spam. Perhaps, you could be given badges or awards in sort of a gamified way?

For the Admin, I'm not advertising a competing product nor is it for profit. It could supplement this forum and, I'd gladly add attribution for sourcing some data and the idea originating from here. And If anyone is asking why I'm even doing this? The simple answer is that I am bored and want to make something useful.

Please let me know what you all think, would you use and/or contribute to it?
I'd use it. Great idea!

But please make sure to carefully sift out names that could have Asian roots, we need purely Somali names.
Yes, of course! I can't think of any right now but, I think it will be hard to verify the roots of some of the names and, for cases like that, maybe they could be categorized and clearly labelled "Unverified" or something more appropriate. That way, you could filter search results from any that can't be 100% verified.


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