Somali model exposes sheikh on Instagram

Abu Udhaynah reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The best of your women are loving, fertile, suitable, and comforting, if they fear Allah. The worst of your women unveil their beauty, take pride in their appearance, and they are hypocrites. None of them will enter Paradise except as rarely as you see a red-beaked crow.

Source: al-Sunan al-Kubrá 12480

Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Al-Albani
Fervidnoman, defo a lefty snowflake liberal, who loves candy and Coca Cola.
No doubt there luv, and ur a weirdo who needs a job. You literally posted all throughout the day, I keep seeing ur name in random threads from like 10 am. plz get a hobby.

Unless ur a stay at home mom, then I understand!
No doubt there luv, and ur a weirdo who needs a job. You literally posted all throughout the day, I keep seeing ur name in random threads from like 10 am. plz get a hobby.

Unless ur a stay at home mom, then I understand!
I work for the railway and I’m on strike this week , so I’m available today init.
Ahh blue collar rage I see. It's ok mate. Fingers crossed u win this strike and get a decent wage. That isn't even snark, I genuinely mean it.
I get paid 50k a year lol soon £60k a year, that’s more than a decent wage. We have strong union, so one problem we go on strike.
He probably did sleep with her but she needs to take accountability lool why fly out to a sheikh who offered to buy you lingerie and said that they can have fun in a telly??? That is a MASSIVE hypocrite as a Sheikh, how can you even trust him anymore… So why even take him serious? And it doesn’t even look like he manipulated her emotionally from the text he let her know what he wanted.
I believe most woman tbh. She looks an idiot in this story and is going to be judged herself for the France flight confession. She hasn’t got anything to gain from this.

I also didn’t say he 100% did this. But it wouldn’t be crazy for this to happen. He can come out and clear his name.
That’s why you shouldn’t trust any of these tik tok Instagram sheikhs. They havnt even studied properly and barely practice themselves but love the clout and influence. 8/10 they are usually losers and have no interests dedicating their entire live to the deen. Don’t idolize or put anyone on a pedalstal
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Do u agree with the strike? Why did they go on strike?

It must be for legitimate reasons.
I ain’t 100% aware of all the RMT wants (RMT aren’t affiliated with Labour so less up to date), but it’s mostly because of the wage increase offered is way below the 11% inflation this year and redundancies.
Basically due to the company threatening cuts/redundancies and not improving pay and conditions, so I 100 percent agree with the strike, we will paralysis the city if the company and the gov doesn’t fulfill our objectives etc.
Hopefully other sectors also go on strike, it’s about time the U.K. has a general strike, inflation through the roof etc.


OGADENIA- Land Of The Brave
This is the third so called sheikh being exposed for something similar and people still continue to support them. This girl probabaly knew majority if not all of the people would be against her but instead chose to still expose him tp protect other women. I commend her for it but, honestly, If I knew her in person I would have advice her to not do it because while informing others of this hypocrite she is dragging her name and family along with it.

I am not even surprised at these evil, women hating somali males taking his side. Its in their disgusting backward culture to always believe the man. I know of a somali faher who protected his own daughters attempted murderer just because they share qabiil. Wicked evil subhumans wallahi.

El Nino

War illeen balaayo
Sheikhuna is a player, waa wareyy :drakelaugh:

Girls are suicide bombers, if they feel used, they will take you down with them. This ayrab sheikh should have known better. No sympathy for him.

Also no sympathy for her too, the damn sheikh looks 100% suspicious, if I would see that so called sheikh in real life, 100% percent I would say this nigga has dirt on his name. His physiognomy tells me everything. She should have some shame and kept this L hidden.


“I am an empathic and emotionally-aware person.
Remember when they accused Nouman Ali Khan ? They said he was a predator etc but it all turned out to be fake.

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