Somali men should wear wedding rings.

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inorder to respect their wives, they should wear a wedding band. I'm going to make my Faraax wear one inshallah. If he takes it out, God help me I will slap him back to his great grandfather's village. Wedding rings also notifies other women that this man is taken.

This will look good on his finger.


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I wore it for just 5 weeks but then I realized I was imitating the culture and practices of the same people that made it normal for qoomu-luudh practices and so I abandoned it.

Besides, I can't deceive any chick cause I'm Known in my town.

I don't care for it and it's uncomfortable wearing it. 70% of the time I revealed that I have a female whenever a female wants to take my flirting to another level. It's so hard to do but I do ( telling them that I got a female )
A lot of females come after you when they see the ring. The ring symbolizes responsibility, loyalty, security and stability something all females want in a man :yacadiim:
Maxey namoodey,:)

She wants to deprive the Faraax around the world, the blessing of marrying up to four wife's, so they could create their own kingdom (Qabiil).


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suuro cadaan.... no thank you.
it seems like you want to put a ring on your odey as a defense system from supposedly other preying women.
the kind of person you marry gives you small hints of who you're and what you're willing to put up with.
Trust issues maybe??
it is absolutely imperative that he mentions about xaaska iyo reerka when a woman tries to shukaansi and if that doesn't work praising the wife usually sends them packing.
if you marry a man who doesn't do that, i think its yourself you need to look at and reassess what it is you're looking for in a man when you're marrying him.


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Polygamy is the poison that destroys humanity no man should ever have more than his most cherished possession. And that is the first woman he laid eyes on and married as a result of her being the only one in his eyes. This trend of marrying four wives leaves displaced children and chaos with nothing but a man's inflated ego. Every woman I spoke to hates being shared with I'm not suprised this is encoded in their natural biological make up. The children will become confused as to why daddy has two or three women who he vistits every now and again and will therefore resent marriage especially if this was done in utter secrecy. Oh the horror of men not thinking with their brains but instead with what's in between there legs.
I know way too many married men who get hit on by single women.

If I'm getting married, I'm putting on a wedding band and keeping it on my finger at all times InshaAllah
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