Somali men harassing the swedish Prime minister


Forza Somalia!
I can't handle their naivety anymore. time to switch the ethnicity

Marshall D Abdi

Know you’re place peasant
The worst thing is without this man 90% of somalis in sweden wouldnt have come to sweden he is the reason many immigrants arrived in sweden aka the savior of qoxooti

yet they harassing him.. sometimes i get closer to claiming eritrean or sum other shit:kanyehmm::mjkkk:

Marshall D Abdi

Know you’re place peasant
Stupid dumb f*ck Somalians. I'm just a Djiboutian or Eritrean from now on
The funny thing is arabs are getting the heat too since every problem in sweden is due arabs is believed :mjlol: :hemad:
Why we are the loudest out there?

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Look them eyes he is probally veteren in the civil war as child soldier :deadrose:

mr steal your naag

banu hashim and shiettt
The comment section are roasting us to death saying go back to ur unciviliad country where the president needs 20 minimum elite security when our just walks freely :deadrose:
Lol thank god we dutch somalis are not this loud and retarted:banderas: Our prime minister in holland goes to his work on his bike everyday and nobody is harrasing him



F*ck Your Feelings
They're laughing at him for being in a stable and civilised nation that he doesn't need to fear for his life?


Xoolos like him spend months tahriibing and when they finally make it to the west they do nothing but act like sub human degenerates. They need to be deported. Generosity is not owed especially to likes of these ungrateful bottom feeders, they ruin the Somali name and make us all look bad.
Calling them xoolo is an insult to xayawaanka
I'm just speechless
never seen dad ka doqonsan soomalida qaarkood , bunch of primitive sanbacs , the level of stupidity is immeasurable.