Somali kids fashion show

Nafiso Qalanjo

So the Somali museum held a cultural fashion show for kids, and let me say this is the most cutest thing i have seen in a while. :noneck:
Wlh the kids these days are lucky to have a place to express their culture, and heritage.:lawd: My hope has restored. It went from Minneahopless to Minneahopfull:mjkkk:

Hopefully this trend continues in the future where MN Somali kids have a platform/place to express/embrace their culture, and will stay away from gang qashin, and over all the bad aspects of westernization 🙏🏾
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you can’t pop my ego but you sure can blow it
I was asked to preform for Somali Muesem in 2017. I chickened out looool now I regret it. I could have made memories :stressed:


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