Somali girl trending on Twitter for scamming celebrities and influencers : over 11 million stolen


F*ck Your Feelings
11 million gotta be an exaggeration but I would like to hear from her side. What's her @ or did she delete her socials.
Tbh im surprised lol if I was her I would sue if they’re lying or lay low for a few weeks bc Twitter will forget about this in two days


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All the Faraxs are angry because these girls are now behaving like degenerate men. Women need to understand that equality isn't behaving like qashin men. I find it funny though that men want women to accept their disgusting behavior, but cry when their mentality is now affecting women's behavior.

Men, you can't have it both ways. You can't laugh and think men like Future and other worthless figures are harmless. You can't go around championing ghetto male behavior, but act suprised when women start to be influenced by their female counterparts like Cardi B. Men and women are a reflection of each other and I thought that men were the leaders of society?

All in all, both need to fix up.

Makes sense because I'm starting to realize women copy men. :mjlol:



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Let Them Eat Cake
Inshallah i will be able to raise my children in the baadiyo but im all for slandering khanis Madows

What did Khanis Madows do to u? Is there a story behind this?