Somali girl or white muslim girl

Would you marry a Somali girl or a white muslim girl

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Imagine you found 2 beautiful girls, both are educated, muslims & religious, good family. One is Somali, the other is white. You can't chose both, as that is illegal to have more than 1 wife here in the west. Pick one and vote.

I would choose the white muslim girl. Mehr would be low and I don't have to deal with the somali girl's family. White people leave you alone once you marry their daughter.

Ladies, this poll is not for you (lesbian??) but you can make a similar thread/poll for somali guy vs white muslim guy.
Wallahi, it depends. Economically it would wise for me to marry the cadaan women for obvious reason:sass1:
Even though i am educated and my family is well off, i don´t want a dusty xalimo finesse me for 15K Mehr.
These youtuber´s have infested their brains with qashin. Because of that, the white muslimah will be my choice.


Somali girl wtf the ideas for these threads be lame sometimes. White girls are :vqbuyv0::vqbuyv0: it's common sense to go for Somalis plus what's better :banderas:
The niggas ITT talking about "expansion" :what:

Your kid will still be way less somali than you. your ass better be a dedicated father to that child because if you leave, your "expansion" dreams are gone because if they go out with a non Somali
It's game over

If it's a female she'll be the property of daquan or brad :mjkkk:
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