Somali girl exposes incel who has harrassed her for 6 years


With great power comes great electricity bill
Is there a rule on tik tok that says you have to have loud music to everything you want to share? Im sure he said some bad things about her. But her story sounds dramatic. 6 years of harassment sounds bullsh1t. No one spends 6 years of harassing someone without any progress in their behaviour. so im gonna call it bullsh1t. He probably said some bad things about her online few times and thats it
Adeer you clearly underestimate the lengths weirdos on the internet would go to.
fuckin loser! and look at all these MEN in here talking about “shes not alladat” instead of addressing the bigger issue. this loser was harassing the sis for 6 YEARS. spreading lies and rumours to assassinate her character.


Midnimadeenu Waa Guusha Qaraanka
Harassment is never ok, no person does that to someone they like. I am glad the young sister put an end to it. I hope the brothers learns to respect women and their privacy:)