Somali girl exposes incel who has harrassed her for 6 years

Doesnt she have brothers or cousins? It seems they know each other. I would go to his family. But hey everything is for social media I guess


Gang shxt we in dis bxtch, huruud on deck!
6 years?? Since 2014?? Nah, if I were her I‘d be afraid for my life. That aint normal, homie is obsessed OBSESSED


Engineer of Qandala
Anonymity makes people act crazy, they gotta start forcing social media users to have a real picture.
Is there a rule on tik tok that says you have to have loud music to everything you want to share? Im sure he said some bad things about her. But her story sounds dramatic. 6 years of harassment sounds bullsh1t. No one spends 6 years of harassing someone without any progress in their behaviour. so im gonna call it bullsh1t. He probably said some bad things about her online few times and thats it