Somali cyclist is going to cycle from Jigjiga to Bosaaso.

That’s one hell of cycle. It’s 18 hours by car let alone cycling. But props to the guy because it ain’t easy :samwelcome:
Our country is 2.6 times bigger than the UK who has sq feet of 242,495 KM to our 637,657 KM. Plus he has to go cycle through the blazing heat of Berbera :jcoleno:
I remember travelling near berbera, man never felt so much heat in my life and I was in a car.
I think it's dangerous for him to take that trip cuz Sanaag and Sool eastern parts aren't safe areas where clan militias with arms roam around
Hopefully he will be fine.
I genuinely believe anywhere in Somalia north of Galgaduud is safer than many parts of London,NYC, Detroit, Malmo etc.
If you mind your business as a tourist nothing will happen.
I hope a safe trip for him , he should definitely be careful but I think he will be fine.
Even Xamar is definitely safer than some areas of inner cities america when it comes to crime. If we didn't have AS and bombings Somalia would be a relatively safe country