Somali culture is too harsh on women


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He is right. People of color can be arrested on the flimsiest charges and police officers make up offenses on the book to meet an arrest quota. This massive book cooking in the criminal Justice brings in revenue for police, judges and state lawyers. If this injustice does not happen to a Somali, it happens to African American males, Latino and poor whites afflicted with addiction. America is a massive Savage hellhole for many.

Read newspapers please.

That’s a lie because all the dhaqan celis grown men I saw all had records and committed crimes, they lied to the locals and said they were innocent


Engineer of Qandala
Back home guys are lazy and don’t have any sense of shame at all I mean people will sit and wait for the dinner to be served to them and when they’re finished will leave the plates and Mess they made as if the place is a restaurant

I remember every little household chore I helped with there was always
one Guy telling me to leave it to the girls

Only reason is because they want things to remain like it is where women do the household chores while guys just chill

And the other reason is they dont want to look bad

I believe Household chores shouldnt be divided by gender everybody should learn it because it Will teach you responsibility and prepare you for adulthood

Besided its one neglected sunnah many somalis forget helping around the house cooking and cleaning is what the prophet (scw) used to do

There is a shortage of able men back home. This is probably why its so easy for cab drivers to
go home and wife up two women at the same time in one wedding.:gucciwhat:
That’s a lie because all the dhaqan celis grown men I saw all had records and committed crimes, they lied to the locals and said they were innocent

But their lies do not negate the facts on the ground in America regarding the unequal application of the law.
Be careful if you are an adult and drive. Be extra polite to the police when stopped. You might save money and your life. Don't be idealistic and believe the washed over American fairness and good system in schools. They teach. Laws don't apply equally and law enforcement is solely geared towards going after minorities.
Somali men have been defeated. The war against us began a long time ago.

Today's generation of Somali men are themselves victims of a brutal reality and a systematic campaign to destroy any semblance of masculinity in what was once a proud race of warriors.

Somalis were the only ethnic group in the entire world to be colonized by more than 4 different colonial powers. This was an attempt to completely shatter the concept of unity amongst Somalis so that in the future they can be gobbled up as a micro ethnic group in artificially created countries.

When the SYL came into being the colonialists realised that decades of colonialism didn't dampen the spirits of the people who dreamed of unitification of all Somali speaking peoples and a Somali super power. After this, they targeted the country and the Somali family.

They sold weapons to every warring faction so that we could live in an abyss of war and turmoil forever. During the civil war years, they would purposefully give more asylum to single mothers with children than nuclear family units. This was done in order to create a new generation of vulnerable Somalis not used to the system who would be victims to every cruel vulture. The Somali boys growing up in such households then became a hopeless and uselesss bunch of degenerates, not knowing what it means to be a man because there is no father in the house. The father, if alive, is probably depressed, living a shit existence going to cafes to avoid the misery of what reality has become in the home. The biggest destruction was to the spirit.

Somali women are the new hope. We Somali men fought for independence, fought for freedom, made Somalia one of the most powerful countries in Africa, before that when we were known as Cushites, we invaded the region, displaced communities, created institutions and were on our way to make our colony reach as far as Mozambique, we miscalculated and are paying the price.

Somali women, its your turn. Show us what you can do.
Somali women, its your turn. Show us what you can do.

Is this a serious statement? or are you being sarcastic?

The reason why the diaspora community is shattered is as a result of our women, whenever you empower women, the majority of them will go out and destroy everything of value.

They are designed to spite the weak/spineless males even if that means destroying the marriage and the future of the children, they don't think that far ahead.

The Satanists Yahuud social engineers plan is to destroy society as a whole and the way to do this is to target the family first, then the sanctity of marriage itself.

This is done by empowering the females and stripping the male of all forms of authority until he is rendered toothless.

We see the manifestations of this in our communities and all the degeneracies it has lead to.