Somali boys get killed trying to protect a granny


Brentford stabbing: ‘Hero’ who died saving retired barmaid, 82, from stabbing is pictured as family pay tribute​

A 'HERO' victim who died saving a great-gran from a fatal stabbing has been named as Ali Abucar Ali.

Ali, in his 20s, jumped in to protect 82-year-old Betty Walsh after she was punched to the ground and knifed as she popped out to get a kebab for dinner.

He was later found dead by police and paramedics in Brentford, west London, while retired barmaid Betty was raced to hospital.

Tributes have poured in for Ali, and his family has set up a fundraising page in his honour.

It reads: "On November 12 we lost a son, a brother and a friend.

"We lost a dear brother, the most caring, humble, funniest young man.

"Don't have a single memory of him without seeing his amazing smile."

Betty remains in a serious but non life-threatening condition after undergoing a kidney operation.

As soon as she came to, the footy-mad pensioner asked about the England scoreafter the Three Lions beat Albania 5-0, her family revealed today.

Her eldest daughter Bridget, 60, said: "After her operation she was able to talk to us on the phone and was asking about the football score this morning.
Ilahay naxariisto

What a good man - his family and community can be proud of how they raised him.

May Allah him grant Jannah Ameen and lock the monster who murdered him away


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RIP. He's a hero. I want him posthumously honoured by The Queen. I will email her and hope her staffers read it.

London is incredibly dangerous in some neighbourhoods. They will throw acid and stab you randomly.


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I mean it’s to be expected of Edmonton. Edmonton is the anus of Canada. But not the nation’s capital. I saw so many homeless Somali people downtown. It just wasn’t as I had remembered. Or maybe I romanticized it

They're reer Toronto. Theres about 5 of them at Rideau. Only 1 is from Ottawa. His brother is a bus driver.


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:mjlol: Now that I can believe. Reer Toronto love a good transient lifestyle.

They ruined the community in search for cheaper rents and real estate which has recently become almost as high as where they came from. I am glad the city is now out of their reach and are staying out. The community doesn't need their qudhun.