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Somali boy has cancer, please donate


what a shame they dont come from the UK
they would of gotten free treatment
America has the most messed up healthcare system. I feel sorry for Somalis that live there.

Developed nations have universal healthcare, even developing countries have it. The US has no excuse but hey, it's one of the world's most corrupted countries. I have been to states before and they told me their healthcare support is GoFundMe page. It pitiful wallahi.
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Why she gotta cuss her childrens father lol.
May Allah have mercy on that child and make him healthy
Some somalis are volatile and get divorced over trivial matters. Then they feel bitter towards each other.

Anyway. Lets not divulge from the thread and send our duas to the poor child. Inshallah i will donate when i get paid.

This is the benefit of living in Europe, this is very sad make this a sticky thread please. Ilaahay ha cafiyo, donated.
Maa shaa Allah, 32.5k has been collected in just over a month! May Allah cure him, I will try my best to contribute in this cause.



Cute kid. Miskeen. Kids with a cancer diagnosis have a wayyy better prognosis than adults, but she’ll definitely need every penny. I’m hopeful he’ll beat it.:it0tdo8: