SL Rural Students Defeat Urban Students

Hargeisa (PP News Desk) — The Director General of Somaliland Ministry for Education and Science Mr Ahmed Abokor Ahmed has publicised the results of the secondary school leaving examinations in Somaliland.

Mr Ahmed told a local TV network that state school students had scored high in the examinations. “We have done an analysis of results and found out that students from government-run schools scored high in examinations. Further analysis revealed students from rural, government-run schools gained highest marks” said Ahmed.

Ahmed: Somaliland Ministry of Education and Science plans to introduce mobile schools for nomadic communities.

Statistics Department of Somaliland Ministry of Education and Science compared subject results of state schools in towns, rural areas and private schools. The improvement in the performance of state school pupils raises the profile of state schools in Somaliland whose students scored lower in past secondary school leaving examinations compared to independent school students in Somaliland.

Ahmed said that there were plans to further improve the delivery of education for rural schools. “We aim to introduce mobile schools for nomadic communities and the distribution of tablets for rural pupils to ensure they receive education wherever they are.”
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I was arguing this not long ago. Rural students tend to out-perform Urban students. It was like this even in the 60's when my father came from rural garowe to mogadishu and it would be the same I think for all rural communities in the nation.

We saw it also in SFG examination with rural students taking the top scores. The reasoning for this I think is rural students have less entertainment and distractions in the villages, so they treat studying as a hobby, where-as studying in urban areas it's not a hobby for them, it becomes a 'chore' due to the urbanite distraction.


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