SL NEWS: Oromos posing as East Burco community members at a Kulmiye Conference in Hargeisa


ᶜᵃʷᵒ ᶜᵃʷˡᵒ
LOOOL, I haven't laughed this much in a while.

Kuye, "hay'adda hj ayaa na soo casuntay.":icon lol::icon lol:
Can someone direct me to this hay'ad, bal aan aniguna ka soo casheeyee.:eating:


Boqorka Beesha Haplogroup T.
Somali fake news has actually gotten sophisticated :damn::damn::damn:

This entire video is a fabrication created by the supporters of a man named mahamed hashi, who’re pissed off coz he messed up his chance at becoming the next leader of kulmiye.

They’re idiots for thinking that they can embarrass the rest of habar jeclo (specifically muse abokor) into doing what they want.


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