Genetics Siwaakhroon (Gahayle) DNA results from 23andMe

Thank you, good to see Gahayle are contributing to peace and reconciliation in Sanaag. It is a very rich region but lacking in development unfortunately. Inshallah all the communities will work together for progress.
Love too see that, they are pulling their weight in Sanaag,
They are power broker in that region.


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Hi @Sa7rawy congrats on the results, but I got something more interesting for you.

A user on here @Jablibax is doing research on Majeerteen origins and which sub-1,000 year old Y-Chromsome sub-sub-sub-sub-clade is the genuine MJ one.

This can only be known through more advanced tests like full Y-Chromosome tests. I think @Jablibax may be willing to sponsor you one since you come from a rare Majeerteen subclan. Get in touch with him.

These subclades is what I am talking about it:



Lol, while I was trying to look up if I am related to the opening poster I discovered a Somali living in freaking Namibia with all kinds of weird Asian admixture (only 79.2% Somali) being my 3rd cousin. :ftw9nwa:

His pie chart:

What the hell are Somalis doing there?