Sister got kicked out

:stopit:my abo told her if she loves him she can go live with him and threw all her stuff out that 5'5 midget shall get his wife. I shall cleanse this family blood line with my own blood


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May Allah grant your father Jannah firdous.

That nigga knew what was the right thing to do, don't blame him.

You think its joke but the cushitic gene is precious, africa gonna become 100% bantu, semetic and arabian if we don't continue breeding with our own genes. Protect it, cherish it and breed it.

As for your sis tho kkk
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F*ck Your Feelings
What bloodline? you're all half breeds from your claims arent you half Brazilian?
This is either a troll post and you're copying that other font or your family are dumb hypocrites :mjlol:
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F*ck Your Feelings
Brazilian? Who?
no maybe i could get some desi arranged marriage i am half brazilian as my abo went down on her and left

I am a 5'12 brown skinned Brazilian Somali hybrid yibir I celebrate eid Christmas Ramadan I am trilingual as I know Somali hebrew and Portuguese :sass1:i learned a lot of Somali history/culture thank you!
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That's your whole identity on here and mention it in every post. Did you get amnesia?
People on forums are hilarious with their cosplaying; everyone earns 200k; are 6'4 or taller and are crazy attractive; and dish out verbal and physical beat-downs to fools on the regular.


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