Single mother vows 2 never marry a Somali man again (another social media mentally disturbed)

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Yeah the best way to handle a community with problems is to shut up and keep it in, especially when you have social media to air it out and start a conversation. If any community should be loud on social media it's the Somali community. We've got a thousand different problems and the best way to start solving them is to air them out no matter how stupid they sound.


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"im another warya but I think I'm right for ya" im going to use that :mjlaugh:
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Build yourself one of these in my Gobol.

Put aside 30$ a day for 5 years and you can own this little dhiig kaar reducing sanctuary.

Waking up in an ocean scented bedroom every morning can take away all the Xoolonimo happening around the world.

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He just changed the whole thread in a matter of seconds!!!

Now my answer to your original question looks displaced.


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she is right tho, a large majority of somali men don't look after their kids, thats why we have so many ghetto somali boys and girls


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She clearly has emotional issues, if she cares about the community she should engage wih it, yelling in a youtube vid wont do a thing
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