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Shy/miskeen or Assertive/dominant girls

Do you like miskeen, shy girls or assertive, dominant ones?

  • Miskeen/shy

    Votes: 37 38.9%
  • Assertive/dominant

    Votes: 6 6.3%
  • In between

    Votes: 44 46.3%
  • Sassy, moody, classy or whatever meg the stallion said

    Votes: 8 8.4%

  • Total voters


I ❤️ Ogaden
Akhira ayaa la kuu qabsan. You'll have a disastrous marriage/marriages, several unhappy (you'll probably abuse them too) wives, several unhappy homes with unhappy kids since you're abusing their mothers. Don't get married unless you plan to treat your wife/wives with love and respect. :birdman:
Sometimes abusing a women releases her toxic mind and flesh
Abuse them little nayaa till you die
What kind of men vote against shy?

Shy women are more likely to stay with you happily ever after until death than the opposite. They’ll agree, feel and understand you more when you don’t want to see anyone. They don’t care what you do..

Also, more space, breath of fresh air and no unwanted question. Aggressive, assertive, impulsive and obsessive women worsen the relationship and all hell break loose.
This is really hard. I like girls that are the center of attention and funny with a big personality but shy quiet girls are nice to be around too. I honestly can’t say 50/50. Age range is one year older 4 years younger so
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You know there is a theory that associates dominant, loud and restless behaviour with
Sexual unfullilment, so many of our somali sisters are not that way by chance or choice
But by the underperfomance of the brothers pls pull up your socks before any lamentations
But most ain’t even married so mashAllah they are chaste :chrisfreshhah:


Dalliance with Danger
Staff Member
Oh the questioning Nick Young was because my service is bad cause I was in middle America at the time. :mjkkk:
I haven't the faintest clue what you're talking about but that sounded cute plus you're life expectancy is longer than odayaasha so that's a W.


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