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Should Western Somali men and women follow Somali gender roles

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pablo escobar
nope nope nope
no going back now all of your abdis are drug addicts without a job and all of the xalimos are part time goes and part time uni student
fix the abdi first and more money for the entire household
I can’t cook to save my life, cleaning is torture, and I don’t want kids. If there’s a Farax who wants me to be a stay at home wife with no strings attached, l’ll accept. It’ll get boring quick though.

Radical Canjeerorism

Enticingly inscribed with fiery finesse.
Not in the west but looking at it from a sociological perspective a society will proper significantly when both genders are at work, having 50% of your population staying at home while the other 50% takes care of them is a great disadvantage.

Especially since in most countries the majority tend to be female, this notion is nothing but backwards mentality at best and misogynistic at worst, it should be abolished in Somalia
The roles we have back home with women staying home and having a lot of children, doing housework/cooking and the men works etc
In this western economy i dont think its possible unless every farax has a high paying job ( thats not happening)
Plus imagining having a non working wife? shaqola'an xalimos are the worst they'll be all up in your business and gossiping all day