Should Somalia Change To The Islamic Emirate Of Somalia ?


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Terrible idea your going to have a society where there will be differences of opinions that well lead to killings and female discrimination what we need to do is stay on our path not engage in ludicrous ideas and who will run it Al shabab come on we both know that would never work our society is way different then the gulf nations we have much better chance in becoming better then they are democracy is the best we need to stay on our path and keep building.
Afghanistan's scenario is unlikely to repeat in Somalia. Taliban are far more powerful than Al Shabaab and have favourable geography.

Ethiopia destroyed ICU quickly and Al Shabaab resorted to Guerilla warfare same with Taliban when they got overthrown by America in 2001.

Only difference is that Afghanistan is a mountainous country, south Somalia is flat. Had Al Shabaab attacked twin towers I have no doubt Americans would annihilate Al Shabaab invading Somalia in full gear not half assed intervention in 93.

But since AMISOM & Ethiopia take all the risk and work as proxy's for America they can continue throwing money at Somalia forever.
Drop the Somalia bullshit which is an Italian name if there's going to be an Emirate it would be named

"The Somali Islamic Emirate"
Im far from religious and i agree.

Countries are built on common ground, ethnic nationalism has failed Somalia. They need an Islamic theocracy which brings forth stability, after a few decades or centuries they can transform.


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Somalis cannot implement sharia to the fullest extent. They start killing eachother half way through, they are better off following the path they’re already on.