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Should China Pay the World Reparations?

Should China Pay the World Reparations?

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The Good

Ontario's Finest
We can't force them to pay anything it's kinda repeat of @Gibiin-Udug 's thread. China has a ridiculous amount of leverage on a lot of countries including the US so there's no real way to go after them unless they do something really fucked up.


Somaliland Sovereignist
With COVID-19 exposing the vulnerability of global supply chains the United States is already planning to move their industrial capacity away from China and take it back home. This will be a disaster for the CCP in the long term.
China is fully responsible for this crisis.

They knew about this virus in November, but they SHUT IT DOWN. They destroyed the samples, arrested the scientists, and covered it up

China knew this was a deadly virus, and decided to say nothing. When America asked them in early January if they needed medical assistance, China said no.

Then China went ahead and allowed 5 MILLION people to leave the city of Wuhan. Those people got on airplanes and now the entire world has this fucking virus

All of this is China's fault. All of it.

This was an act of war and you have these idiotic people defending Communist China. The same Commies who are putting Muslims in concentration camps. It truly is baffling