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If you have any life advice or lifehacks feel free to share them in here

- Don't use your favourite song as your alarm clock you gonna end up hating it

- brushing your lips gently with a toothbrush every day will make them smoother in a healthier way than lip balm

-every single person you meet will teach you 2 things how to be and how NOT to be pay attention to how people act and take away the good while remembering to avoid the bad it will make you a more wellrounded person as well as surround you with better people


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Never let the supporting cast in the movie influence the main character or try to assume any other role than what you assign them in this movie you call your life.

Everyone is tryna run game on you off your weaknesses. Figure them out quick or get played constantly.

Get designer clones of fragrance oils. Save money and smell like a million bucks.
You can get away with weak drip if you smell good.
Not vice versa.

Make a habit of drinking straight clove and cardamom tea in the morning and the evening. It will help you with bad breath.


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This world is a deception.

We came to this world and we will leave it.

So prepare for whats to come because life is short.
1)Don't go outside at night if you live in a area with a high crime activity , lost a couple friends to this. Move smart with precision and analysis.

2)Don't date woman or fornicate, focus on educational pursuits.

3) Learn who to trust, this one is a hard one

4) Never indulge in alcohol or drugs

5)Never hang around friends that go astray, these people can be targets. Even if your innocent their problems become inherited.

6)Don't follow Western Values they will erode you and guide you astray, always remember your religion.

7) Your parents brought you to this country for better opportunities, don't fuck up and waste your time with bad influences who will guide you 6 ft under or in jail.
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Try and set goals for yourself in your schooling/career ie finish this degree by this time or reach that salary level by that age


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girlies, instead of mascara use your fav eyeliner on your eyelashes and its better than mascara

boys, you need skincare too. it’s not gay to take care of your face and skin


don't doubt ur self
try to read as much as possible
take of urself
set goals for urself
don't drop out
be careful with whom u hang around and trust
Put in the change now so you don't complain tomorrow

Don't ever let others influence you especially those who have nothing good for themselves, if they can't even bring themselves up how can they bring you up?

Have as much as fun you want but ask yourself if you were to record this, would you be comfortable knowing people saw you doing that.

Say alhamdulillah for every good day because for some people their lives are a continuum of bad days.

For women, either learn self-defense or carry pepper-spray with you. Don't ever travel alone at night or in places with no people or visible cameras.

Never brag about any achievements, in fact don't mention them unless it's necessary. Humans are jealous beings and most people do not want what's best for you.
If you ever need to write an essay but you are bored go to google translate. Translate your subject to spanish or french copy from a website and then translate it again to english paste it, just to be sure make some edits and you're
done. Teacher will never find it because its in another language plagiarism free
If you found the one girl/guy you truly love more than anything, get married early and have kids as soon as possible.

Try to always self improve. Always work on skills especially if you're in IT. Always improve.

Treat your girlfriend/boyfriend with respect and love everyday. If you guys are fighting, always apology asap even if you weren't wrong.

Work on your fitness. Being healthy is the best.
Love for your mum (especially hooyo, not dad) should not blind you to the rights of your wife. Hooyo is not always right. She is human too and makes a HECK of a LOT of mistakes.


Never share your secret with someone because secrets are meant to be SECRETS. Once shared with anyone, it doesn't remain a secret anymore. And you never know how the other person might react to your secret. Maybe he or she can make gossip out of it or use it against you. And if that’s your friend you are sharing this secret with, you can also not guarantee that he/she will remain your friend forever, you guys might get into any random fight and become enemies.
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