Sexual Jihad girl wants to return to the UK

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Free Wi-Fi > Free Palestine
Begum is a nice Somali surname.

Btw, listening to her she's dumb as shit. I don't feel bad for her.
She is bengali and she should never be allowed in the UK again

The state should seize her children and hand it to her family. A woman who put her kids under harm

way does not deserve any sort of sympathy whatsoever.


Your superior
they ran a train on her. her ceeb became too loose and they tossed her out. now she wants back


Wait wait wait you what mate ? she took her children to a war zone :pacspit::mindblown: and to top it of she married a former Guantanamo bay detainee, but she only went there to get her terrorist husband back yeah right :heh: most likely shit went south very fast, when she went there and found out war zone ain't all rainbow and sunshine , when her intention really was to support her terrorist husband obviously that's why she took her children with her cos she wanted to live happily and support her terrorist husband killing innocent people, i hope they throw her into jail with a maximum sentence take away her kid's and revoke her citizenship too :pacspit:
This women is as dumb as rocks. Even if she does return, she'd be doing a hefty prison sentence for aiding and abetting a terrorist origanisation.
If that's the case then every single Somali needs to go to prison.

Why is that? Is every single Somali providing material support to this terrorist organisation? That is the difference.

Besides I know plenty of Somali's that are against ISIS, in fact those who do support are in the minority I believe.
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