Security guard knockes out a man with a knife

I just watched the full thing. How is some guy helping him get up like he isn't the bad guy in all this.
Probably felt sorry for him. He was not on steady legs and crumbled every time he tried to get up. Should have laid there for a minute to let the brain recover


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Good. Take out the trash for the police to throw in jail. Bring back the death penalty.

This gentleman should be given the Order of Merit. Heroes like him need to be rewarded.


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he wasn’t even holding a knife lol.

I was confused why he didn’t take the knife out of his hand after knocking him out. Apparently he was just holding a phone.

This page is blatantly spreading misinformation.
Good. I hate twig necked, untrained little fàggots like him who think they can have a scrap when they clearly outmatched. Beautiful right-cross:lawd: