Second Congo War - Africa’s World War

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The first Congo war began soon after the Rwandan genocide of 1994 when millions of Rwandan refugees mainly Hutus fled to the Congo after just completing the genocide against the Tutsis. The weak Congolese govt at the time was training Hutu militias to topple the new Tutsi dominated Kagame government in Rwanda forcing Rwanda and Uganda to arm rebels to topple his regime, this resulted in a successful regime change.

Unfortunately for Rwanda and Uganda their new ally had turned on them one of the reasons he stated was due to Rwandan forces massacring Hutus while using his territory as a base among other complaints, this forced them to arm more rebels to topple the new Congo govt they just helped install causing the second Congo war but this time the regime in the Congo was able to call for support by giving mineral resources in exchange for military support.


This war left more than 5.4 million dead meaning it was the deadliest war since the second World War.


The end result of the second Congo war resulted in a stalemate that still effects the Congo to this day as the mineral rich eastern regions are still lawless with frequent meddling by their smaller neighbors namely Rwanda and Uganda among others.

Fun fact: The longtime allies Rwanda and Uganda clashed during a six day war in 2000 in the Congo over the control of Kisangani city for its gold mines, it was a decisive Rwandan victory with over 2000 Ugandan troops killed.
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you wrong, the first bloodiest civil war in congo began soon after Lumumba was murdered in early 1960s.Literally millions dead in 3+yrs of civil strife.
Speaking of the Rwanda genocide and it’s aftermath of Rwandan incursions in Congo chasing the Huutus army and militias, has anyone seen the BBC drama (Second Season started on Netflix) 'Black Earth Rising'? A fictional story based on true events in Rwanda and Congo? Great watch.
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