FAKE NEWS Scumbag marries xalimos just to dump them later

This is sad. They both need to be sterilized
I still cant believe the part he contacted her and she said she is mental hospital and he says can i visit you and start the game. Lool i shouldnt laugh but who decide to start a relationship with someone locked up in mental hospital
women don't know how to choose a mate.
That's why father's choose for them back home and these types of situations never happen

This should be a lesson for us all not to put ourselves in situations were we already know we have no control over our own household (marrying in Europe)

This problem began with our father's generation whom destroyed their home country first, then when they got to Europe, didn't learn from their lessons and as a result remained upon disunity and disarray.

This collective communal weakness in a country that empowers female's is a death sentence for all

The female has no loyalty to culture or race, betrayal is the heart of a women, they spite male's that show weakness, even if that weakness results in her own empowerment.

The Asian and Arab fathers don't have this issue because they were busy fostering strong communities which has allowed them to control their womenfolk as well as their children.

We are as a good as finished in the diaspora, there is absolutely no hope left, even the girl that is raised in a stable household has several feral friends that were raised in hell who influence her on top of society that has already brainwashed them with infidel ideologies.

This is why I like threads like these, they reinforce the concept of marrying from back home, I recall a couple of years ago when it was rare among the <30, now it has gained massive traction.

This is the only way to safe ourselves from this downward death spiral.
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When it comes to marriage it’s one of the most important decisions a person can make it will determine if they will live a life of happiness or doom

How a person can marry someone without their guardian present is just crazy


your obsession is embarrassing at this point. Calling ppl ****** but quoting every one of my posts. I dont love you siilka hoyadaa wase
ana ku was ayeodada iyo huyodada nacasyahow
what are where you even doing in this thread you mentally ill ******
come put me in the trash nayaa

you didnt even refute any of my points
i dont care about no any of these ******s so please dont even try calling for sympathy
You say you don’t care, but it’s clear that you do. :siilaanyolaugh:

Please, don’t pop a vein or get high blood pressure. Perhaps you should go outside and get some fresh air, that’ll do you some good.

You can easily address me saxib. You seem to function properly only when someone gives you a kudos for your retarded talk. Face me like a man and speak your mind or silence child. Trust me, this is like a warning salvo before the avalanche. Speak like a free man, one who can think on his own or hold your tongue. There is some dignity left for you. I really don't want to destroy the fun for you on this platform. BE CAREFUL.
Stop getting emotional.

You're simply a retard. You absolve a woman from any wrongdoing simply because she claimed that she is suffering from a mental health illness, not extending that same privelige to her ex husband just because he is a male. Would you be willing to mete out the blame on this dude had you found out he had serious issues in his childhood (like most reverts do)? Which is a give.

It's actually quite disrespectful of you as you clearly believe women cannot be held accountable for their actions, I easily cite your threat to get this guy beaten up. It's either you believe all women are innately unintelligent beings or you have a dog to settle in this fight (was she your sister?) If so, I can understand your frustrations and how it might impede your rationality.
This is why I didn't address you directly, it's very personal for you and I don't want to offend an already sensitive dude.
Did you experience something like this in your immediate family?


You say you don’t care, but it’s clear that you do. :siilaanyolaugh:

Please, don’t pop a vein or get high blood pressure. Perhaps you should go outside and get some fresh air, that’ll do you some good.

i do care obiously

but i dont have shed any sympathy for them dont mistake my kindness for weekness nayaa:mjpls:
Read the thread again. I did not state anywhere that all somali girls were like this. Pleas don't lie about me and slander me sis. I really am disappointed in you. This is exactly the issue with our community you sisters ride out to defend these women that could care less about you or our community and shame yourselves. You also never called out the threads bashing somali men for years and yet out of the blue you pop out now to try and salvage the reputation of some women you don't even know.

You’re getting emotional. And no, I’m not on here everyday because I have other things going on in my life.

And please, save your sympathy for someone who actually cares. I’m not the one.

It’s clear that your main purpose is to troll and make Somalis look bad. Why don’t you post about the accomplishment that Somali women do? But then that would go against your whole narrative that Somali women are trash.

This case is the exception, not the norm.


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This is entirely their fault. Good men and even the men's parents approached them when they were young for marriage and they always refused. I do not sympathize. Even when they are desperate and old, they do not consider us. They come to us after they have been used as a loo by these reverts.

Reverts are for friendship and to be seen as your brother's and sisters. Not for marriage. Except for men. Men can marry their women since we are the head of the household.


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Lol they're destroying him.

Apparently he duped another mental ill girl and made her flew over from Sweden...
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This is what happens when you marry a guy without finding out his intentions or past history. Those who marry men from non respectable families congratulations because you've given him half his deen and he has finessed you and left you looking stupid.

Why am i not surprised? xalimos really be taking L's in 2019. Yall need to fix up!!!


This is what i said about people who came out of prison, and how they got some mental health issues and need to be properly checked before being released back into society.

So i'm not shocked that this xalimo was abused by this revert. :bell:
Check the twitter feed. Go down the rabbit hole. Besides i'm sure if we look at the statistics only somali females accept the lowest of reverts.
Sad stories, link where it says their Somalis? no mention in the feed above, one even says shes from an island with only 5 muslim families
Sad stories, link where it says their Somalis? no mention in the feed above, one even says shes from an island with only 5 muslim families
La hawla. Which island is has only 5 muslim families and how did she travel all the way just to collect an L?

I'm certain one of them he married was. The truth will come out soon anyway. He will hit back and try to expose them i guarantee. It will get ugly soon.