Saajid Lipham and the Madkhali Virus

One of the bootlickers (Faris) says that "many brothers" advised me at the AIM conference about not criticizing the ruler publicly.

Did the news of my private discussions reach you all the way in the UAE, Faris?

To the contrary, I don't recall a single person confronting me on this issue. In fact, I only heard agreement with my position and a repudiation of your deviant views alhamdulillah.

Listen Faris. You are mistaken if you think you have a lot of support for your bootlicking ideology in America among Muslims. There is actually zero support mashaAllah among the Salafis.

And many of the people that you think are on your manhaj in America are secretly bashing it behind closed doors lol

Better recalibrate.

Also, I noticed how now you have changed your message. You are now saying there is ijma that criticizing rulers publicly is haram.

Before you were saying it is khuruj bil-lisan, but I understand why you have to keep shifting the goalposts and downgrading your message.

So, show us this ijma. Show us where any of the scholars you cited: Ibn Taymiyya, Ibn Kathir, Imam Ahmad, et al., said there is ijma that it is haram to publicly criticize the ruler. Please show us this.

Our recent video shows the proof that many scholars, including some of the ones you are citing, allowed public inkar. Where is your proof of ijma?

And lol about you trying to weasel out of your Erdogan criticism. You expect anyone to believe that? Why didn't you show the tweet in question, I wonder? Maybe because if people see the tweet, they will know that nothing you are saying is factual. (Don't worry, we will keep posting it for you inshaAllah so no one forgets.)

Btw, you forgot to explain your anti-Morsi tweets. He was the ruler too, ya know, when you were publicly blasting his government.

Finally, if we mischaracterized you Faris about your connection to the UAE government, feel free to publicly claim that you have no connection to the UAE government and that you have never taken money from them for your services. Please publicly declare that. Just make sure no one has the receipts...

- DH
Of all the bootlickers, this faris guy is the most detestable and the most clearly an agent.

He has brazenly defended the Zionist-led Abraham Accord and its normalization project in the Gulf.

When asked if this is a betrayal of Palestinians, he smiles a greasy smile and says the betrayal is from the Palestinians.

He tells Muslims to focus on aqida and not get into politics, but of all the bootlickers, he does the most in lavishly praising corrupt rulers. Isn't praising rulers and their policies politics? Why don't you shut your bootlicking mouth and "focus on aqida" then?

You weren't so focused on aqida when you attacked the rulers of Turkey and Egypt while throwing our Palestinian brothers and sisters under the bus.

The guy is busy on tiktok making "islamic" videos for naive followers, some of them with distortion of deen btw. But his real message always goes back to don't criticize secular gulf rulers otherwise you're khariji.



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Why don't they sit down and have a good faith discussion instead of this drama crap :draketf:
Bootlickers don't have good faith they call everyone they disagree misguided & not worthy to sit down with . Their whole stick is to attack other muslims so their sect remains the dominant one.