Russian Grandpa beats pedophile on Tv

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What a disgusting mother who saw it happen and didn’t do anything to stop it

Respect to the grandpa


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Useless mother, both her and the stepfather are disgusting people. Those children should be taken out of that house ASAP. I hope they both get punished to the extent of Ukrainian law.


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I don't give a f*ck, I would of personally beat that man to death with my bare hands.


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What a good man this grandpa. I almost cried. Good luck for the little girl, i hope she will move on in her life and i hope also for the mother and the pedophile will go to jail. Those scums deserve no mercy.
There exist scum who advocate for the rights of pedophiles. I was actually in a debate on Discord with people who supported child-ography for pedophiles.

In the debate, there was one Israeli Jew who said he hated people who disagreed with that notion. In the same debate, there was this other character who claimed he identified as a woman, and he claimed it was ok to have sex with one's sister and mother.

One of the guys asked the self-proclaimed woman if he was sexually aroused by his mother growing up, and the person said: "not really, my mother is ugly."

It baffled me because they were comfortable saying the vilest shit, while I had to keep my cool. :vqbuyv0:

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That’s really messed up that man has no impulse control pedophilia and incest there’s been a lot of research done on pedophiles and child molestors they’re completely different things by the way child molestors don’t have the ‘natrual’ Impulse that pedophiles do. It’s really interesting pedophiles are one group that somehow haven’t been eradicated and keep cropping up

studies found associations between pedophilia and lower IQs,poorer scores on memory tests, greater rates of non-right-handedness,greater rates of school grade failure over and above the IQ differences,lesser physical height,greater probability of having suffered childhood head injuries resulting in unconsciousness
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