Rooble must free Mukhtar Roobow the real leader of South West State

Pwyneth Galtrow

The terrorist? I have trouble believing a terrorist leader suddenly has a 'change of heart' and retires from being a sociopath. Giving him the reigns of a Federal state and all the funding that comes with that, is a very bad idea. Whilst I do not agree with his imprisonment by Farmajo, he should have been imprisoned for his crimes as a terrorist by South-West State itself. In fact, let him seek pardon from all the people whose lives he destroyed and let them decide whether he deserves to be free.
It's not fair for all these AlShaydan leaders to be allowed to jump ship when they feel the walls closing in on them, meanwhile all those young men they brainwashed are still with the cult and are probably scared of leaving for fear of reprisal.
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