should enslaved peoples get reparations from their previous owners? i personally think not. it happened before you were born no such things as epigenetics
In case of America, yes. They weren't simply enslaved and then emancipated to live in an egalitarian society overnight. They have been ruthlessly oppressed and marginalized until relatively recently. It's sounds like a consipracy, but it's insane how the FBI cracked down and intentionally dismantled black leadership.

They should be given reparations in form of extra funding to black neighbours regardless of tax contribution. Things like affirmative action have already been hijacked by foreign blacks and other minorities
Yes. I think the previous owners should pay reparations if they enslaved a whole set of peoples.

Take responsibility, and move on.
pay what? If you give them 50k each they will blow it on grills and strippers anyway. But who gets the money? They say ados = american descendants of slavery. But people have mixed over there years. A lot of blacks have mixed raced kids now. Do they get money? How do you test for this scientifically to know who much % people are of ados
Somalia should pay a token sum as reparations to Somalilanders for crimes against humanity or at the least, the Somali government should publicly apologise to them.