Reer Bandiradleey thrive under Galmudug

Twenty years ago Bandiradleey had nothing, no schools, no water, nothing. Nobody went to school or could speak English. Now we have fast internet, clean water, good security, decent education and good stability. We got youth committees, a local council and police station. Parents take education seriously and want to send their kids to school and then university. Small steps make a big difference.

I always said don't believe in Somalimo but believe in your people. It is about improving the lives of our people not this Somaliweyn nonsense which only benefits parasites. Somaliland does this and so does Puntland.

We survived 4 years of Farmajoos terror but many of our people didn't, they were murdered. Now people believe me when I told them that Farmajoo wants to genocide us and give our lands to buns as the attacks on reer Mirowleed should yesterday.

No bombs, no buns no Al-shabab. Thanks to the Mujahids who protect our people from our enemies. As long as we remain united reer Cadaao, Reer Galkayo and reer Dhusamareeb, I promise you that we will crush our enemies be it buns or Al-shabab. Victorious Galmudug. Continue to fight for your people to have a better future and oppertunities, Somalia is federal and Fk Somalimo.

I am proud of my people and I am proud of Galmudug.












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Pwyneth Galtrow

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MashaAllah for the developments.

However, whoever built that "villa oo qurux badan" needs to be stopped. It looks like an ugly ginger bread house.

I tried to post a screenshot of it but even my computer is refusing to accept it:

Screenshot 2021-08-27 at 21.39.32.png

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