Question for anyone who has been to Xamar...

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جندي صومال
How easy is it to get a weapon for self defense

like something casual idk a mini uzi or some shit no AK


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You probably have relatives in the army and you can get them to buy the straps for you and they wont try to finesse you cuz ur related


Don't get a gun man, that shit'll cause problems if people see you with it. Stay in the areas your family is in, don't flaunt wealth, and you'll be fine

However, be prepared for some red eyed mooryaan with an AK-47 high on khat stopping you when you're driving. That has happened to me a few times, just slide him a quick $10 and you'll be cool.


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I asked a soldier if I could use it, he said no:( apparently you have to join the security and army stuff if you wanna use it.