PUNTLAND Puntland's fishing sector is making strides

If my maths is correct 7 companies times 3 months of revenue is 21 months. 2 million divided by 21 is roughly a 100,000.

These companies have a monthly revenue of $100,000. If 20% of that revenue is net profit then owners make around quarter of a million dollars yearly net profit.

Very good hustle.


Looking good for the rural economy. They need more then one or two suppliers due to long coast-line of PL. They need to update their technology so they don't waste time out in the sea. It's all about time/effort. What do you produce in 8 hours a day? what is the product worth? and they look at the population of your people to work out your PER CAPITA production levels. From this data they can gouge what each person in your country is worth.

It's all about GDP, you want more people buying properties, buying products and services. This starts with having a job. 70 full time employees if they are taught how to save their money can begin buying properties this will create trickle down to the trader community who will import more products and goods to service this new working population. Traders are dead without a customer and customers are not possible if they don't have a JOB.
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I haven't been in this section for a while and I immediately see a great development.