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Puntland Presidential Candidate Gen. Asad Osman gets a huge welcome in Galdogob


لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله
With American support, what are his chances of dethroning Gaas?!!
@Shaolin23 The most anti sfg minister in PL and advocator of PL acting as a sovereign state is a Leelkasse minister

He's a heavyweight that was minister even under AY

Stop the cheap isku dir. I saw what you wrote the other day

he even tried to tell me MJs dont live in the district lol, I had to tag:trumpsmirk:


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Home girl in the brown scarf is trying to get chose...

Let me call my cousin in law :hillarybiz:

Look at all the guys trying looking smh, Somali men!!!:drakelaugh::chrisfreshhah:

She's beautiful though Mashallah..

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