Puntland copying somaliland yet again

Allah.. They are so delusional and self-important, must be the khat consumption. Low fertility and delirious rants. :stressed:

If we copied Somaliland, we would have trash on our capital's streets and zero public infrastructure development since the 1980's. They think we want to copy their 3 qabiil political party system where you close your eyes and vote for Habar 1, Habar 2 or Habar 3.
I don't disagree that Somaliland electoral system is highly flawed but lets not pretend that Puntland's isn't worse at this moment in time. You speak of one qabiil political system in Somaliland, but Puntland's is a one subclan political system.

1. Somaliland has had multiple free elections, Puntland has had none.
2. Of the 30 odd years Somaliland has existed, for nearly a third of that time it was ruled by a minority clan. Within Isaaq, every major subclan has ruled at least once. Since Puntland's founding 20+ years ago it has been ruled (and likely will always be ruled) by one sub-clan of Majeerteen (not counting interim presidents that held the office for 5 days).
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