Pro-life women

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Where are they? I feel like the vast majority of women under 30 are pro-choice.

I don't know whether views have truly changed or whether I was just around a different crowd, but it felt like being pro-life was the default. Now it seems like an extremely unpopular opinion.

Pro-life women of Somalispot, do you hide your views in real life? I have personally abandoned debating the topic in real life completely.
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It's not that views have changed but there being a difference between someone's personal/moral stance and their legal stance. In an ideal world, abortion wouldn't even be considered & pro-life would be the default but idk the issue is a bit more complex I guess.

A lot of women who identify as "pro-choice" are usually still personally anti-abortion (and thus, pro-life)'s just that the pro-abortion crowd (imo, a vocal minority) have hijacked the moral narrative of the pro-choice crowd & twisted it to something disgusting and selfish.
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