President Deni's visit to Bosaaso

This morning inshallaj the President of the blessed land of Dal Udug, Puntland H.E. Said Abdullahi Deni will embark on a visit to Bosaaso City, Puntland's commercial capital.

He will stop by Qardho and other surrounding areas on his way to Bosaaso.


A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
I wonder will will president deni visit hirshabelle state? Oh i forgot most of hirshabelle state is controlled by al shabaab.

I wonder when will president deni visit mogadishu? Theres a suicide bomb everyday indiscriminately.

I wonder when will president deni visit galmudug state? Oh i forgot galmudug state only exists on paper xaaf (sacad) and shakir (ceyr) government is based in dhuusomareeb while saleeban government is based in cadaado.

The curse of yajuuj and majuuj the only way is to build a wall like dhul qarnayn