Post your favorite skills videos of soccer/football/NBA/NFL players


Post all your favorite skills videos on here. It can be about any of the sports I mentioned. You can add videos of golf/cricket if you're into those sports.:pachah1:

This video of Henry man. Never gets old for me. I know he's a former Assanal player :browtf:but what a player he was. I busted few nuts watching this mix.:wow:

My favorite player of all time.

beautiful techniques and first touch, if you managed to tackle Zidane during a match you wld be featured in the game highlights.

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Macalin M

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It’s actually really effective, if you’re a winger then you need to learn this it will just improve your game. I’m not a winger but I still use it sometimes




I started following Ozil at the 2010 WC as did most people. Fell in love with his style of play at RM. Mou had a deadly team on the counter with him, CR7 and Di Maria. :wow:

Such a baller. One of the few players who joins a rival but I don't hate on.


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