PM Rooble brings respect to Somalia, forces AMISOM to accept responsibility for recent civilian deaths.

HG took a break from politics after giving birth to murderous monsters like caydiid. Now they are sending only their best Abdiqasim , Rooble and QoorQoor ooze professionalism and wadanimo.
Even the Uganda President Musaveni apologized and arrested the escaped Ugandan soldiers who committed the atrocities, they will now be court martialed in Somalia soon.


Caabudwaaq ana dega, Cadaado waa dhulkaygi
This is a good thing, when this happened in JL and FGS tried to hold Kenya to account, all the opposition where complaining.

Unlike them, I have respect for Somali lives, AUN to the dead, and may the perpetrators face the firing squat inshallah.


happy accidents, not mistakes :)
PM is a hard working man who loves his country, I hope he also succeeds in making Somalia a better place :)
When the massacre happend against reer golweyne laheloow was silent till just 2 days ago when in facts this massacre by ugunda happend 2 weeks ago . Only reason why ugunda was quick to react and arrests its officers were done by the people and elders after several threats to ugunda amisom .

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