PL ports managment & Djibouti side exchange experience in Doraleh port..


Djibouti officials said exchange of experience. So from where you bring info that PL went there to copy?. Stop jeegaan propaganda nonsense. :kanyehmm:
Isaaq copied our oil program
Isaaq copied our presidential compound
Isaaq copied our fishery sector, when the hell did 'eedoor ever fish'?
Isaaq copied even Muse Bihi 'podium' when he speaks mimicks Puntland

The sad thing is I don't care if they copy PL, my landheernimo is to good for that. But notice these Isaaqs search and die for PL copy SL, they get their self worth from 'darods' their inferior stock of people with darod on the brain, yet no darod could give two shits about Isaaq
If you go to study Engineering at Univerisyt XYZ and your friend starts to also study engineering at the same University. Then you inspire your friend to follow you, not copy you.

However, if you took your field studies project on analysing SpaceX's re-usable rocket-launchers. And then your friend also chooses 'SpaceX' as his field study project, then that qualitifes as 'copy-cat'.

But wait! Lets assume, you submitted your report and your friend got a copy of it and a week later submitted your report with the names only changed. Then that is called 'plagiarisms'.

Puntland is guilty of both 'copy' and 'plagiarism'.


They are not there to learn anything. They just copy. :ftw9nwa:
Khat addicted Idoors have to be some of the most delusional people on earth. Who would want to copy people who can’t even give their people water?:mjlol:

Your people literally have red eyes from lack of water, perhaps you should focus on that.